Roundtable TSMS

Empowering both developers and project managers, Roundtable products provide software configuration management for OpenEdge which accelerate productivity and decreases time to market while increasing software quality.

Roundtable TSMS

Roundtable TSMS Software Configuration Management for OpenEdge

Software Development Productivity

Roundtable® Total Software Management System improves collaboration in Progress OpenEdge enterprise application development. Empowering both developers and project managers, Roundtable accelerates productivity and decreases time to market while increasing software quality.

Streamline Your Development Environment with Roundtable TSMS

Roundtable TSMS delivers integrated Software Configuration Management to the Progress OpenEdge Studio and Progress OpenEdge Architect development environments. Integrating task management, version control, impact analysis, smart compilation, release control and schema management, Roundtable TSMS is a complete change management solution.

Complete Software Life Cycle Management

Roundtable TSMS provides a project view for your application at every stage of the application life cycle. Navigate application resources, database schema, graphics, data files and documentation – virtually anything that makes up your application. View object version history, call trees, where-used information and objects in tasks. See descriptions, current states, attributes, version notes and change information for each object – all from within the software configuration management for OpenEdge development environment.

Improve Product Quality

Roundtable TSMS automates the promotion of changes throughout the development life cycle. Using the integrated impact analysis tools, users can instantly see what has changed, who changed it, why it has changed and what is impacted by a change. Automated movement of baselines ensures that what gets changed gets tested, and what gets tested is what the end users receive.

Automate Application Deployment

Roundtable TSMS manages the application release level for each end user site, enabling the creation of optimized deployment packages. The deployment packages contain everything needed to deploy software changes, update schema and compile your application updates at end user sites.

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Roundtable TSMS A Closer Look

Roundtable TSMS enables customers to meet Sarbanes-Oxley compliance with tools and features that implement the primary Software Configuration Management accountability principles.


  • Centralized repository (OpenEdge database)
  • Access control
  • Version control
  • Task management
  • Impact analysis
  • Smart compilation
  • Schema management
  • Release management
  • Deployment management
  • Custom variants
  • Configuration auditing
  • Unified development interface
  • Integration and extensibility
  • Integrated reporting


  • Improves management overview
  • Maintains management control throughout the entire development life-cycle
  • Enforces auditing procedures
  • Safeguards systems assets
  • Accelerates productivity
  • Decreases time-to-market
  • Increases software quality
  • Improves developer collaboration

Additional Roundtable TSMS Features

  • Supported on all Progress-certified Windows® and Unix/Linux operating systems
  • OpenEdge-based Windows and/or Unix/Linux clients
  • Eclipse development platform plug-in
  • Produces full and/or incremental ready-to-deliver deployment packages
  • Unlimited Workspaces to match your development life-cycle
  • Role-based user security per Workspace
  • Multiple Workspaces with project-specific access
  • Manages any application resource or file type
  • Customize and extend functionality with Event Hooks and API interface

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Roundtable TSMS Success Stories

“We couldn’t imagine going back. It makes us wonder how we got by for as long as we did without (Roundtable).”

– Andrew Power, Manager Software Development, CMS Transport Systems

Ball Corporation

Worldwide metal packaging company achieves Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and increases efficiency.

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CMS Transport Systems

Australian transport and logistics solutions provider reduces time for deployment by 80%.

Read the complete story


Information services provider for WA schools sees 60% time savings with Roundtable TSMS.

Read the complete story

Discovery Travel Systems

Travel technology firm delivers first-class software to luxury ocean liner.

Read the complete story

QAD Poland

Major manufacturing vendor uses Roundtable to attract and support large customers.

Read the complete story

Electronics for Imaging

Industry leader improves profitability while strengthening customer relationships with more control and efficiency.

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Roundtable TSMS Services

Roundtable professional training and implementation services enable prompt system integration and maximum ROI.

Roundtable TSMS Training & Implementation

Intensive instructor-led training helps build the necessary skills to operate and manage Roundtable successfully and use the application to its fullest advantage. Our presentation incorporates lectures, hands-on exercises and direct work with the customer’s data. Attention is focused for three separate roles: managers, developers and system administrators. Training components include:

  • Concepts overview
  • Development environment and system review
  • Configuration review
  • Conversion planning, application migration and loading into Roundtable
  • Managing day-to-day procedures
  • Administration
  • Security

Implementation services insure that Roundtable TSMS conforms both to your business requirements as well as best practices for success. Services include full assessment, project planning, testing and go-live support.

For more information on Roundtable TSMS training and implementation services, please contact us!

White Papers

What is SCM?

This white paper highlights the differences between Software Configuration Management and basic version control tools.

Working with OpenEdge GUI for .Net

The addition of .NET UI and the OpenEdge Visual Designer in OpenEdge Architect 10.2A introduces two new file types that should be managed as part of application lifecycle management activities. This white paper provides recommendations for managing these files using Roundtable TSMS and the Roundtable TSMS plug-in for OpenEdge Architect.

Task Management

This white paper explains the benefits of Roundtable TSMS task management and how these features can be utilized to effectively manage the development, testing and promotion of software changes through the development lifecycle.

Using Event Hooks and API

This white paper shows you how to get started with the Roundtable TSMS hooks and API.

Preparing to Load Your Application

This white paper describes how to properly analyze your application structure and how to perform the necessary setup that needs to occur in preparation for loading your application into Roundtable TSMS.

Loading Your Application

This white paper provides helpful hints on how to go about loading your application into Roundtable TSMS.

Managing Schema

This white paper helps to clarify and explain schema management concepts using Roundtable TSMS.

Object Variants

This white paper describes how to use Roundtable TSMS to track customizations to your application.

Purchased Applications

This white paper describes how to use Roundtable TSMS to manage updates and customizations to purchased, third-party applications.

R-Code Deployments

This white paper describes a methodology for creating r-code deployments using Roundtable TSMS.


This white paper describes how to extend Roundtable TSMS to automate the process of copying your source to another location and performing a secondary compilation.

Schema Sandboxes

This white paper describes a methodology for implementing schema sandboxes in Roundtable TSMS.

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Roundtable TSMS 10.1C Plug-in Overview – What’s New

This recorded presentation demonstrates some of the new features in the Roundtable TSMS plug-in for OpenEdge Architect 10.1C.

Roundtable TSMS Plug-in Overview

This recorded presentation demonstrates the Roundtable TSMS plug-in for OpenEdge Architect.

Managing Multi-Platform Applications Under One Roof

This recorded session from Exchange 2010 offers software configuration management strategies for meeting the challenges of partitioned application development using Roundtable TSMS.

Roundtable TSMS 11 – Not Your Father’s Roundtable

This recorded session from Progress Revolution 2011 includes a technology overview and demonstrations of new product features in Roundtable TSMS 11.

Roundtable TSMS and Inergy Automotive: Software Configuration Management at Work

This QAD-hosted webinar reveals how Software Configuration Management is the heartbeat of any successful development effort with a case-study of Inergy Automotive.

How to Make Your Auditors Happy

This slide presentation from the Fall 2012 MWUG Conference reveals how, with the right tools and processes in place, an audit can feel more like a useful check-up rather than an attack.

Continuous Integration Using Roundtable TSMS

The Roundtable TSMS API and proxy framework allows for much flexibility in your continuous integration strategy while providing means to automate development and deployment processes. This slide presentation from EMEA PUG Challenge 2012 introduces continuous integration tools and strategies, and where Roundtable TSMS fits in.

Using the Roundtable TSMS Plug-in for Progress Developer Studio

Are you a Roundtable TSMS user moving to Progress Developer Studio for Eclipse? Or, have you heard about Roundtable TSMS and SCM and just want to see what it is about? This slide presentation from EMEA PUG Challenge 2012 demonstrates how to get started and previews some of the new features coming in 11.2.

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Roundtable User Guides

v11.2 Windows

v11 Windows

v10.2B Windows

v10.2B Unix

v10.1C Windows

v10.1C Unix

v10.1A Windows

v10.1A Unix

v10.0A Windows

v10.0A Unix

v9.1D Windows

v9.1D Unix

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Roundtable TSMS Installation Guides

v11.2 Windows

v11 Windows

v10.2B Windows

v10.2B Unix

v10.1C Windows

v10.1C Unix

v10.1A Windows

v10.1A Unix

v10.0A Windows

v10.0A Unix

v9.1D Windows

v9.1D Unix

v9.1C Windows

v9.1C Unix

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Roundtable TSMS Update Bulletins






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Roundtable TSMS OpenEdge Compatibility Matrix

Compatibility Matrix

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Roundtable Training DVD

Master Roundtable TSMS features, reduce training costs and speed implementation with the convenient computer-based training DVD from Tugboat Software.

Training DVD

This training guide includes an overview of basic software configuration management concepts along with step-by-step, narrated presentations for all Roundtable TSMS features. Every major training stage includes hands-on labs. The DVD is narrated by Michael Solomon, a recognized expert in software configuration management and application security.

Training DVD Benefits

  • Lowers the cost of implementation
  • Augments proctor-led training
  • Ideal for mastering all Roundtable features
  • Ideal for a best-practices review
  • Ideal for training new team members

Training DVD Features

  • 13 easy-to-follow self-paced sessions
  • Over 11 hours of narrated training
  • Hands-on labs
  • Training targeted for different roles: Developer, Administrator, Architect, Gatekeeper
  • Covers standard GUI and plug-in development environments

Training DVD Sections Include

  • Understanding Software Configuration Management
  • Exploring Roundtable Architecture
  • Installing Roundtable
  • Exploring Roundtable GUI
  • Exploring Roundtable Plug-in
  • Configuring Roundtable
  • Building the Roundtable Environment
  • Populating Workspaces
  • Using Roundtable GUI
  • Using Roundtable Plug-in
  • Deploying Software
  • Managing Schema
  • Administering Roundtable

View DVD Samples

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