Workforce Services

Automates and simplifies critical workforce management functions

Workforce Services

Tugboat’s Core Package, Workforce Services, automates and simplifies key workforce management functions that are not always provided by standard ERP, HRIS, T & A, and payroll packages. It provides HR and front-line managers with real-time access to information about employee skills management, and their availability, along with employee requests.

Workforce Services - Diagram

A proven solution offered at an off-theshelf price, Workforce Services streamlines and automates multiple procedures for HR and front-line managers. It consolidates workforce
administration for the entire facility and drives down administrative costs. As
important, it empowers employees with real choices using self-service tools for job
bidding, for requests of all types, and for reporting.

  • Skills Database – Creates and manages employee skill data including tools for training tracking and strategy.
  • Seniority Tracking – Manages and tracks seniority company-wide and across multiple departments.
  • Internet Self-Service – Enables employees to manage their own requests for job bids, preferences, training, off time, FMLA, vacations, and much more. Also displays absence history and other reports.
  • Absence Tracking – Manages absence events and safety violations.
  • Disciplinary Letters – Generates disciplinary letters based on your policies.
  • Job Bidding – Automates job bidding, posting open jobs, and employee bids. Includes email messaging. Linked to training scheduling.
  • Staffing Rotations – Models and tracks multiple shift and crew staffing patterns, including rotations.
  • Batch Sign Off – Enables managers to sign off for multiple conditions for groups of employees.
  • Deadlines – Manages and enforces user-configured dates and times for a variety of request deadlines.
  • Employee Quotas – Enables automated granting of employee requests.
  • Reports – Provides a comprehensive library of reports and powerful reporting tools.
  • Utilities – Provides security, authentication, access and user control. Data exchange with production scheduling, ERP, HRIS, T and A, payroll, and Interactive Voice Recognition.