Software Configuration Management for Progress OpenEdge

Practicing Software Configuration Management requires the application of engineering policies and procedures to ensure an appropriate level of control and auditability throughout a software project.

Roundtable TSMS

Roundtable SCM Solutions for Progress OpenEdge

Software Configuration Management is the discipline of managing the entire life cycle of a software project. While the term is often used to describe change control systems, just implementing a change control system does not mean that a organization is practicing SCM. Timely and accurate management of the requirements below is essential for satisfying the fundamental objectives of software configuration management.

Configuration Identification defines the relative arrangement of application resources.

Configuration Control defines when and at what point changes can be made in the development life-cycle.

Configuration Auditing is the process of confirming that all system components that should be in a given baseline are accounted for.

Configuration Status Accounting ensures the availability of a complete record of changes made to a software system and the reasons for those changes.

Roundtable software products are designed from the perspective of development project managers and software engineers with the primary objective of enabling and enforcing Software Configuration Management within the Progress OpenEdge development environment. It enables development teams to define their own baselines, identify system components and control the development life cycle within an integrated and managed environment.

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