Informational Articles

  • Employee Scheduling Software – For organizations within the manufacturing sector, ensuring that all job assignments are optimized so that workers with a particular skill set are in the correct position is one of the leading priorities. That’s why companies … more.
  • Consolidate Costs with a Work Schedule Program – For contemporary organizations one of the leading operational concerns is the cost of labor. With that in mind, many companies are now searching for solutions that will allow them to reduce their overall labor expenses through the elimination of un-needed overtime … more.
  • Today’s Leading Organizations are Using Tugboat Software’s SOS – The key for optimizing workplace performance within manufacturing facilities is in having the requisite resources within each area of the organization at the right time … more.
  • Skills Inventory Management – Tugboat’s skills inventory management software provides powerful tools for building labor standards, planning and tracking training, refresher training, cross training and tracking job currency … more.
  • Absentee Management – Reducing Absenteeism in the Workplace – Tugboat’s absentee management software streamlines HR services and reduces excessive absenteeism by automating the administration of absentee management … more.
  • Rotating Shift Work Schedules – Companies in a range of industries that operate for extended hours use combinations of multiple shifts and on-off work patterns to crew their operations in an optimal manner … more.
  • Vacation Scheduling Software – Tugboat Software’s vacation scheduling software automates the complex and time-consuming functions of managing, awarding and tracking employee vacations in large enterprises … more.
  • Manufacturing Labor Waste – Installing Tugboat’s workforce scheduling solution in many ways is the easy part of any labor scheduling initiative. Eliminating manufacturing labor waste is the bigger challenge. But it won’t happen without a fully automated and tightly integrated workforce scheduling solution… more.
  • Labor Waste – Tugboat Software’s workforce scheduling solution enables a system for eliminating labor waste. Implementing a solution that can be “rolled out” across an enterprise or division faces many obstacles… more.
  • Labor Cost Control – an Enterprise Strategy – As an enterprise-wide strategy, automating workforce scheduling is just beginning to emerge as part of the solution for labor cost control. Rather than merely streamlining the scheduling process, a labor scheduling initiative needs a more strategic goal. It should focus on eliminating labor waste and establishing labor cost control… more.
  • Labor Scheduling Software – Tugboat’s labor scheduling software can help you achieve the lowest direct cost of labor and represents a major redirection of the application of computer automation to the manufacturing workforce… more.
  • Employee Scheduling Software – SOS, Schedule Optimizing Software — now available in two products; SOSClassic and SOS2GO… more.
  • Employee Schedule Building Software – Complex business rules and dynamic staffing requirements create conditions that are daunting for employee scheduling… more.
  • Optimize Your Labor Resources – Labor Schedule Optimizing Software Benefits… more.
  • Automatic Labor Scheduling – Demand for improved performance in manufacturing requires that employee scheduling is also aligned with goals for greater efficiency… more.
  • Change Management Software – Change management is the process of requesting, planning, implementing and evaluating changes to a software application… more.
  • Configuration Management – Roundtable’s configuration management system identifies and defines software development objects, controls changes to software objects at each stage… more.
  • Configuration Database Management – The discipline to manage the entire life cycle of a software project is essential to having a complete configuration management process in place… more.
  • Employee Shift Scheduling Software – Today’s manufacturing managers, under increased pressure to achieve higher plant utilization, are employing innovative methods… more.
  • Need for Employees Work Schedule – When manufacturing and service managers confront changing demand, reallocating their labor resources on short notice brings special challenges… more.
  • Need for Overtime Management Software – Usually one of the largest single costs-of-operation, payroll often includes overtime as a significant component… more.
  • Software Configuration Management – What are the business requirements for your software configuration management process… more.
  • Software Development Management – Companies and departments engaged in software development realize the critical importance of Software development… more.
  • Work Scheduling Software – In manufacturing facilities, workforce scheduling and workforce scheduling software are usually treated as a necessary cost… more.

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