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Tugboat Software Releases Event Scheduling As Part of Their Employee Scheduling Software Platform

Workplace scheduling software specialists Tugboat Software have recently announced the release of their Event Scheduling tools to be used in conjunction with the company’s landmark employee scheduling software. This new addition to the company’s SOS (Schedule Optimizing Software) platform is designed to provide organizations with tools needed to plan and schedule meetings or events for… Read more »

Staffing Level Planning & Job Bidding

January 26, 2012 One of our General Mills customers recently re-bid 96 jobs. This was due to installation of some new equipment. When they’ve had to do this in the past, with a workforce of over 400, this was an administrative nightmare: the workers filling out individual bid sheets, sorting through the bids, ranking them… Read more »

Tugboat Software Introduces New Job Bidding Tools

Newport Beach, California based business software developer Tugboat Software has recently announced the introduction of new tools which automate job bidding. They are designed to allow organizations to align workforce levels with changing production demand. These new tools are employee-driven and enable workers to engage in the job bidding process while automatically awarding bids from… Read more »

Work Schedule Program Innovators Tugboat Software Introduces Employee Driven Vacation Scheduling

Software development experts Tugboat Software have announced the introduction of a new application to their existing roster of innovative work schedule program optimization solutions. The company’s new vacation scheduling application is engineered to capture and manage employee vacation requests through an online self-service portal. Through the solution’s comprehensive data access functionality, employees at all levels… Read more »

Tugboat Software Introduce Event Scheduling for Their Work Schedule Program

Newport Beach, California workforce scheduling specialists Tugboat Software have recently announced the introduction of their latest new capability for their laboroptimization of workflow within manufacturing facilities. The company’s new workforce scheduling application  now includes the ability to plan and schedule events for employees during regular shift work job assignments. As part of Tugboat’s  work schedule… Read more »