Tugboat Software Introduce Event Scheduling for Their Work Schedule Program

Newport Beach, California workforce scheduling specialists Tugboat Software have recently announced the introduction of their latest new capability for their laboroptimization of workflow within manufacturing facilities. The company’s new workforce scheduling application  now includes the ability to plan and schedule events for employees during regular shift work job assignments.

As part of Tugboat’s  work schedule program events scheduling ensures that each worker is scheduled to attend necessary training meetings while the program also schedules a qualified backup to work during their absence. Events or meeting can last anywhere from 30 minutes to all day.  The application will build a work schedule program that is designed to streamline the way in which a company’s workforce operates and eliminate the often costly misallocation of resources during training events.

Tugboat Software’s president, Patricia Schilling, explains, “Our customers are under pressure to make the best use of the mix of skills in their existing skills inventory. Somehow they need a way to cross-train their workers even while they’re usually punched in.” Tugboat’s solution is tightly integrated with their work schedule program. “This means that if they are away from their regular job, someone with the same skill has to take their place so production is not interrupted. Often this requires that the replacement worker comes and works overtime for as little as 30 minutes. This new feature takes care of this so now there’s a way”. Patricia also explains that this solution also tracks the training history for each worker.

Within a broad array of industries, organizations are now searching for programs that will help them to automate their internal scheduling processes, including events or meetings, in order to achieve higher productivity and reduce operating expenditure. Within this field, Tugboat Software has become one of the leading lights. Their pioneering work has helped some of the world’s largest corporations streamline their workflow management systems and align in-house training objectives with employee resources.

Workforce scheduling requirements and rules tend to vary greatly between companies. The new capability from Tugboat, however, conforms to in house rules and policies, and then automates labor and event scheduling that then becomes the focal point of the scheduling application. With events as well as labor scheduling fully automated, management staff are now better positioned to respond to other key areas of the business that may require direct input from decision-makers.

Now, companies can truly gain first-hand control on their scheduling management thanks to this leading-class solution from industry experts, Tugboat Software.