Tugboat Software Releases Event Scheduling As Part of Their Employee Scheduling Software Platform

Workplace scheduling software specialists Tugboat Software have recently announced the release of their Event Scheduling tools to be used in conjunction with the company’s landmark employee scheduling software. This new addition to the company’s SOS (Schedule Optimizing Software) platform is designed to provide organizations with tools needed to plan and schedule meetings or events for hourly employees during regular shift hours,

By integrating this new Event Scheduling solution from specialists Tugboat Software customers gain a competitive advantage by ensuring that each member of their manufacturing team undergoes required training and safety meetings for their role while also maintaining in-house productivity. This tool automatically ensures that a company’s manufacturing processes continue without interruption.  While attending meetings or events, this tool will also automatically assign the workers to overtime if required.  Tugboat’s Event Scheduling solution extends the power of their employee scheduling software by also scheduling a back-up to take the position of the employee during their period of absence. This ensures seamless production during meetings or events. . Another way in which Tugboat Software benefits organization is that it tracks the training history for each individual employee, so that management has an up-to-date record of the relative skill levels of each employee within their workforce, and an overview of the working resources available at their disposal.

To find out more about this latest tool from the industry leaders at Tugboat Software, contact their in-house representatives today.