Tugboat Software Introduces New Job Bidding Tools

Newport Beach, California based business software developer Tugboat Software has recently announced the introduction of new tools which automate job bidding. They are designed to allow organizations to align workforce levels with changing production demand. These new tools are employee-driven and enable workers to engage in the job bidding process while automatically awarding bids from qualified candidates.

Within manufacturing environments, production requirements regularly change as demand fluctuates due to changing market demand. Companies within the manufacturing industry can often be left with too few skilled resources at their disposal during critical stages of production if they do not have an automated system of scheduling in place within their facility.

Tugboat Sofware’s new job bidding tools are integrated with a labor planning interface that allows management to planthe number of jobs that are needed within each department via shift. By utilizing this software, decision-makers define the minimum or maximum jobs required during times of light and heavy demand so that the company is then ready with a plan in place as the market fluctuates.
Utilizing Tugboat’s proprietary scheduling platform, organizations will have access to job bidding and staffing level planning tools that conform to their in-house labor scheduling rules and also conformto the unique nuances of the regulatory environment within their facility.

It is this high calibre of customized and comprehensive workplace management system that is now helping Tugboat’s partners around the globe to rise within their industries.

To find out how Tugboat Software can benefit your organization, contact their offices today. Your organization is one phone call away from streamlined productivity.

About Tugboat Software:

Headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, Tugboat Software is an established leader within the field of workflow scheduling software development. The company’s solutions are utilized by corporations around the globe to optimize in-house workflow processes. For more information, please go to¬†www.labor-scehduling.com.