Work Schedule Program Innovators Tugboat Software Introduces Employee Driven Vacation Scheduling

Software development experts Tugboat Software have announced the introduction of a new application to their existing roster of innovative work schedule program optimization solutions. The company’s new vacation scheduling application is engineered to capture and manage employee vacation requests through an online self-service portal.

Through the solution’s comprehensive data access functionality, employees at all levels of the company are able to build their own vacation schedules in order to both maximize their level of control over their own workflow and align their scheduling requirements with those of the organization. This ensures that employees are focused on in-house objectives while allowing them to take initiative within their roles in the company. Employees are able to make vacation requests, assign priorities, cancel requests and get reports all through one streamlined self-service system.

This self-service system features an in-built mechanism for calculating employee vacation entitlements based on facility or inter-departmental quota, automating the entire process so that management staff can simply review their vacation requests online to receive an instant understanding of the way in which their workforce is being scheduled.

Across many industries, solutions that provide employees this sense of control over their own scheduling requests have been shown to improve employee job satisfaction, thereby acting as a leading-class talent retention mechanism. This proven increase in employee satisfaction means that work schedule program optimization solutions such as the new vacation scheduling application offered by Tugboat Software are now in higher demand than ever before within the manufacturing field.