Consolidate Costs with a Work Schedule Program

Consolidate Costs with a Work Schedule Program Created Using Tugboat Software’s SOS Platform

For contemporary organizations one of the leading operational concerns is the cost of labor. With that in mind, many companies are now searching for solutions that will allow them to reduce their overall labor expenses through the elimination of un-needed overtime. That’s why many are now contacting specialists such as Tugboat Software; the company behind the creation of a leading class work schedule program platform that can streamline businesses and allow them to better optimize the deployment of their human resources.

Tugboat Software was founded in 1996, and has since become one of the industry’s leading specialists for developing and supporting software applications designed for their clientele within the manufacturing sector. The company’s core operational goal is to help their clients to meet their in-house objectives through the use of innovative business applications. And they accomplish this goal by providing their SOS (Schedule Optimizing Software) platform. This SOS platform is designed as an integrated workforce scheduling interface that automates all related management processes and consolidates them together into one highly dynamic, user-controlled system.

One of the key tasks faced today by management staff is ensuring that the required human resources are assigned within key positions within the company infrastructure. This is especially true within manufacturing facilities where a production slowdown due to a lack of expertise in one area can cost an organization in terms of lost revenue. This is one reason why Tugboat Software’s SOS platform is an essential tool for today’s manufacturing organizations.

Another leading class benefit to adopting the SOS platform from Tugboat Software is the fact that this product is implemented based on the analysis and documentation of the internal policies in place at each of the client’s facilities. This is essential within the manufacturing sector, as workplace policies can range from one facility to the next, even within the same enterprise. This leading class product can be used to automatically generate a customer-specific work schedule program which rigorously and predictable enforces the policies in place within the facility in a way that conforms to the organization’s operational objectives.

Providing workers with an automated system for scheduling ensures employee satisfaction through the vigorous, consistent and predictable enforcement of job assignment rules. This tactical approach to workforce management eliminates in-house issues such as favoritism and creates a management system that allows decision makers to align workforce scheduling with in-house performance objectives for both reduced costs and overall operational efficiency. It also allows management a birds-eye view of the entire workforce structure within their facility so that they can see where resources are being underutilized and counteract the problem by rearranging the deployment of resources in a more efficient manner.

Tugboat’s SOS software platform also comes with tools for tracking and filling in workplace absentees as well as for managing employee vacation scheduling for companies searching for the ultimate on the job employee empowerment tool.

By working together with Tugboat Software in creating a new work schedule program for your organization, you can consolidate costs and improve employee satisfaction. Simply contact the specialists at Tugboat Software today to find out more about how the organization’s outstanding suite of software applications can benefit for your company.

About Tugboat Software:

Tugboat Software is a software developer specializing in labor planning and employee scheduling software. Tugboat’s Schedule Optimizing Software automates your labor planning and will put the right person in the right role at the right time. For more information, please visit