Skills Inventory Management & Training

Skills Inventory Management & Training

Making the best possible use of the skills available in your workforce requires more than listing their abilities or qualifications. In manufacturing, a skills inventory management system must not only include the ability to track skills but also:

  • Track skills-currency
  • Define labor standards
  • Forecast labor requirements
  • Analyze shortages
  • Plan training strategies
  • Promptly allocate labor resources as production demands fluctuate

Tugboat’s training management software enables both improved productivity and safety-on-the-job by providing powerful automated tools for your skills improvement process. Whether based on classroom training, on-the-job training, or testing and certification, the skills available in your workforce can now be managed with Tugboat’s skills inventory program as a vital business inventory.

Timing in manufacturing is critical to production, so having the right mix of skills available is a essential 1st step. Skills management is critical to maximizing the utilization of your labor force and to reducing labor cost.

Skills Inventory Management Benefits in Manufacturing Your Workforce

The benefits of Tugboat’s manufacturing skills program extend skills measurement or tracking include analytical tools which enable strategies for cross training and hiring. As important, Our skills management application insures that front-line managers have the ability to instantly locate who has the needed skills within your workforce to meet your production requirements.

Tugboat’s skills management software provides powerful tools for managing manufacturing skills program for your workforce. It is built around a comprehensive database which tracks and automatically updates skills-data for each employee including:

  • Training history
  • When qualified
  • Qualified by whom
  • When last worked
  • If current
  • If challenged
  • If temporarily disqualified
  • Job preference

Tools are provided for building labor standards, scheduling training and refresher training, tracking job currency and managing open jobs due to employees leaving the workforce. These tools are tightly integrated with an employee self-service Portal where employees can:

  • Sign up for training
  • Bid for open jobs
  • List and arrange their job skills by preference

Comprehensive reports are provided for analyzing resource allocation, shortages or bottlenecks and for planning training strategies.

Tugboat’s skills inventory software uniquely leverages your human capital resources by integrating skills management with a comprehensive labor scheduling application which includes leave management, vacation scheduling, alerts and an employee self-service interface.

Want to learn more about how Tugboat’s skills management application can help your company better manage the skills inventory in your existing workforce?Contact us today. Our experts are ready to help!