Today’s Leading Organizations are Using Tugboat Software’s SOS

How Today’s Leading Organizations are Using Tugboat Software’s SOS to Build Comprehensive Work Schedule Programs

The key for optimizing workplace performance within manufacturing facilities is in having the requisite resources within each area of the organization at the right time. This optimal approach to workforce management can help organizations to keep up with demand during times where demand is low. Many companies are now searching for a software solution that has been designed to help resolve the scheduling issues that are unique to their particular facilities, and one company’s leading class workforce scheduling solution fits the bill in this regard; allowing companies to meet their in-house demands by creating robust work schedule programs that take into consider the organization’s unique scheduling policies.

Tugboat Software was created in 1996 and has since become a key operational partner to organizations from a wide array of industries. The company’s latest offering is their Schedule Optimizing Software suite, which includes a platform of modules designed to help business automate workforce management for streamlined success within their industry.

One of the core benefits of implementing the company’s first class application is that it optimizes the assignment of employees to ensure that jobs are allocated in the most efficient way to meet the organization’s current industry objectives. The application works by utilizing a proprietary math engine to fill the largest possible number of jobs with workers that have received qualifications for the job assignments in accordance to both industry and in-house regulatory standards. Tugboat’s optimization engine allows organizations to achieve objectives based on internal policies, where those policies can be geared towards eliminating labor waste, eliminating unnecessary over-time, controlling manufacturing labor costs or assigning jobs based on employee preferences. Tugboat Software can help organizations meet these objectives with a simple automated approach to full workforce scheduling.

Within the manufacturing sector, it’s imperative to have a scheduling system that is flexible to sudden changes in demand. And that’s precisely what Tugboat Software’s SOS platform offers. It allows managers to make quick changes to their work schedule programs and also creates automated work schedule programs that take into account specific equipment failure, reducing the amount of downtime suffered by the organization. Each schedule created can be evaluated for cost-effectiveness, as budget projects and costs are highlight for the user to analyze at their discretion, enabling mangers decision-makers in complete control.

And when organizations require fast access to a history of the decisions that have been made by the system, the Tugboat SOS platform provides the ideal answer with its comprehensive reporting feature. By utilizing this feature, users will have access to a complete history of all decision-making process including names of those who signed off on certain procedures and the reasons provided for making that particular call. This ensures that each member of the management staff shares access to scheduling decisions and provides future management with the ability to follow the course of decisions to ascertain how to resolve issues that may occur further down the line.

With Tugboat Software’s outstanding SOS platform, your organization will be running like clockwork and meeting in-house objectives on time. Contact the team at Tugboat Software today to find out how easy it is to integrate their outstanding software within your business.

About Tugboat Software:

Tugboat Software is a software developer specializing in labor planning and employee scheduling software. Tugboat’s Schedule Optimizing Software automates your labor planning and will put the right person in the right role at the right time. For more information, please visit