Absentee Management – Reducing Absenteeism in the Workplace

Tugboat’s absentee management software streamlines HR services and reduces excessive absenteeism by automating the administration of absentee management. This complete solution for reducing absenteeism tracks absences and includes tools for filling known and last-minute absences and also includes automated disciplinary letters.

An unlimited number of absentee conditions are addressed including: sick leave, tardy, family leave, jury duty, floating holidays, FMLA, vacations and any number of user-defined absence events. The entire employee database is available for absentee management and records for each absence include: description, start and end dates, excused or not, documentation required and/or received and the related management or union representative. Required documentation that has not been received is highlighted.

Absenteeism management software provided by Tugboat:

  • Seeds HR response and mitigates absenteeism
  • Better informs management
  • Improves accuracy of records
  • Enables you to analyze absenteeism
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Eliminates gaming

Tightly integrated with disciplinary letters, vacation scheduling, labor scheduling and the employee self-service Portal, Tugboat’s absenteeism management software is ideal for a large workforce in a manufacturing enterprise. Included as part of Tugboat’s absence management application, disciplinary letters software relieves the HR workload and enforces policy by generating disciplinary letters in a batch mode for absences or safety violations of any kind.

Tugboat’s absentee management program provides critical data to the workforce scheduling engine. Since timely and reliable schedules require accurate information about absences, Tugboat’s absentee management software enables you to control the impact of known and last-minute absences on labor scheduling. This absentee management application extends the scheduling capability of SOS by automating HR functions related to workforce management.

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