From ERP to Labor Scheduling

Creating a labor schedule is a key engineering step in your production planning cycle. Given your multiple products and deadlines over multiple shifts, days or weeks and given the volatility of any pool of labor resources, can your production plans be completed on time? Whether work orders are created in QAD, SAP or Preactor, now there is an answer.

Tugboat’s Labor Scheduling solution, delivered Software-as-a-Service, fills a labor roster that begins as QAD Work Orders, or as a Preactor Order Sequence. The work orders are first converted into a Labor Demand including jobs with start and run times over shifts and days. Then SOS quickly fills the roster for the jobs given your available resources and rules, with optimized job assignments. Now there is visibility and control in your planning cycle for the review of a planned labor roster and how it can support or delay your production plans.

We recently attended the QAD Explore 2011 user conference in San Antonio, TX as a Silver sponsor. At the conference, we spoke with Derek Singleton, ERP Analyst, who had the to opportunity to catch up with Phil Friedman, Vice President of Marketing for QAD. Derek and Tugboat wanted to know what was new in QAD’s 2011 release. Phil explained their key announcements around business intelligence, mobile functionality, and a continued emphasis on cloud ERP.

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