Work Scheduling Software in Manufacturing

In manufacturing facilities, workforce scheduling is usually treated as a necessary cost of operation and often approached as an adjunct to payroll. Missing from this development approach is strategic focus. Payroll makes certain that each worker is paid correctly for the job they perform. Tugboat’s workforce scheduling software ensures that the entire workforce is assigned to the correct job in the first place and assigned in an optimal manner according to your production requirements – every worker, each shift, every day. This affords a very different strategic course of action.

Tugboat addresses work scheduling as a strategic opportunity for achieving significant operating cost savings. Our work scheduling software brings to market unique skills and tools that together enable a business strategy aimed at reducing the cost of overtime, eliminating over manning and any scheduling-related labor grievances. Beyond merely automating the scheduling process and reducing scheduling resources, Tugboat offers a systematic solution to reaching these larger, more strategic cost-savings objectives.

Automated & Customer-Specific Workforce Management Scheduling Solution

When focusing on objectives such as reduced overtime and over manning, Tugboat understands that the central challenge is the analysis and automation of scheduling rules and policies that are in place. Workforce scheduling rules and policies vary from one operation to the next, even within the same enterprise, and are unique to the business requirements of each separate manufacturing facility. They do not lend themselves to a standard solution. Tugboat’s workforce management scheduling software begins with a rules analysis that becomes the specification for a work rules engine which automates the scheduling policies and rules as they exist in your operation.

With a customer-specific work rules engine as a foundation, Tugboat’s solution automatically enforces job assignment and overtime rules rigorously, consistently, and predictably. With this approach, surplus, misuse, and favoritism are eliminated. The result is a comprehensive system that enables management to:

  • Focus on the strategic issues of over manning and unneeded overtime.
  • Highlight and respond where surplus resources are being mismanaged and where abuse of work rules and privileges occur.
  • Align workforce scheduling with objectives for improved operating efficiency & reduced cost.
  • Illustrate and compare alternative scheduling scenarios.

Our work scheduling software is delivered with a database &user interface that are designed &integrated for the convenient management of all functions that bear on workforce scheduling: integration with production plans, scheduling the work in an optimal manner, employee interface, tracking and filling absentees, scheduling vacations and on-the-job training.

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