Vacation Scheduling Software

Tugboat Software’s vacation scheduling software automates the complex and time-consuming functions of managing, awarding and tracking employee vacations in large enterprises. The entire vacation scheduling process includes establishing rounds for vacation bidding to managing quotas, capturing vacation requests, processing those requests, granting instant requests, tracking related balances for all employees and making sure year-end adjustments are automated. Tugboat’s vacation schedule software significantly reduces the workload of HR managers and supervisors when responsible for this important and complex operation.

Improve Employee & Management Visibility, Accuracy and Processing Time with Tugboat’s Vacation Scheduling Application!

Tugboat’s vacation scheduling application is ideal for a large workforce in any industry or service. For most employees in these large work groups, getting the vacation they want can be unpredictable. Where you have a contingent of senior employees who are entitled to take many single-day vacations, it is very difficult to balance requests from the rest of the workforce with these single-day vacations. Tugboat’s vacation scheduling software relieves this problem because it automates the entire process of requesting vacations and cuts out the time needed by HR to check quotas and approve requests. The primary benefits from this employee vacation scheduling program are improved visibility, accuracy and speed-of-processing for both management and the employees.

Employers are typically looking for way to improve employee satisfaction, and Tugboat’s vacation scheduling software solution goes a long way. Employees can prioritize their requests, change their priorities, cancel requests, get their own reports as well as verify that the information is correct and if policy allows they can also receive an instant-grant vacation.

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