Tugboat Software Releases Roundtable Team 1.2

NEWPORT BEACH, CA (June 30, 2012) — Tugboat Software issued the latest release of Roundtable Team, a version control solution powered by Progress OpenEdge technology and designed for Eclipse-based development environments.

Developed and supported by the makers of Roundtable TSMS, the leading software configuration management solution for Progress OpenEdge development, Roundtable Team provides an easy-to-use version control solution for tracking and managing ongoing changes to Eclipse-based development projects.

Says Jeff Ledbetter, Roundtable Product Architect, about their version control solution: “While the OpenEdge ABL may be the core technology for our customers, many development shops also incorporate other technologies as well and need an integrated version control tool.” Ledbetter explains that it was this need that prompted Tugboat Software to create Roundtable Team, a complementary solution to their signature software configuration management solution, Roundtable TSMS. “We wanted our customers to have a version control tool that was powered by Progress to take advantage of the performance and scalability that OpenEdge can deliver.”

Ledbetter is quick to clarify that Roundtable Team is not limited to OpenEdge users. The product is built on OpenEdge technology but designed to capitalize on the Eclipse platform, making it readily available to all users of Eclipse-based development environments. Tugboat Software envisions Roundtable Team becoming the go-to tool for Progress-based shops wanting a commercially-supported version control tool built on technology that they know and trust.

Roundtable Team 1.2 is introducing new features, such as enhanced repository exploring, simplified project sharing, and a command line interface.

For more information about Roundtable Team, click this link to contact a Tugboat Software representative or visit www.roundtable-team.com.