Tugboat Software Expends Product Offering with Vacation Scheduler

Newport Beach CA, (July 17, 2009) Tugboat Software a recognized leader for labor scheduling, today announced the launch of its new Vacation Scheduling solution.

Tugboat Software today announced the release of Vacation Scheduler, a solution which automates the entire vacation scheduling process from establishing rounds for vacation bidding to managing quotas, capturing vacation request, processing those requests, granting instant requests, tracking related balances for all employees and making year-end adjustments. Tugboat’s Vacation Scheduler significantly reduce the workload of HR managers and supervisors when responsible for this important and complex operation.

“Vacation Scheduler is a key product in our arsenal of labor scheduling solutions” says James Fitzpatirck, Product Architect. “Our Vacation Scheduler was a natural next step in the evolution and maturity of our product line.”

Tugboat’s Vacation Scheduler is ideal for a large workforce in any industry or service. “Where you have a big workforce our Vacation Scheduler fills a need,” says Tugboat Founder and President, Patricia Schilling. “For most employees in these large groups, getting the vacation they want can be as unpredictable as playing the slot machines. Where you have a contingent of senior employee who are entitled to take a lot of single-day vacations it is very difficult to balance their vacations with requests from the rest of the workforce.” Tugboat’s Vacation Scheduler relieves this problem because it eliminates the red tape, automates the entire process of requesting vacations, cuts out the time needed by HR to check quotas and approve requests. “The primary benefits are improved visibility, accuracy and speed-of-processing for both management and the employees.”

“Employers are typically looking for way to improve employee satisfaction”, says Schilling, “and our solution goes a long way. Employees can prioritize their requests, change their priorities, cancel requests, get their own reports, verify that the information is correct and if policy allows they can also receive an instant-grant vacation.”

July 17, 2009