Software Development Management

Configuration Management Software Companies and departments engaged in software development realize the critical importance of software development accountability to their IT security. With specific features that define, enable review and analyze changes in the software development environment, Roundtable delivers tools that manage, control, guide and monitor the entire software development life cycle and provide auditing that ensures adequate security levels and audit trails are in place.

Tugboat’s Roundtable Solution for Software Development Control

Roundtable’s comprehensive software configuration management solution includes task management, event histories, schema management and deployment management. Together, these tools give structure to the complete software development process. Working together in a tightly integrated development environment, Roundtable enables the process of collecting, evaluating and managing your software development methodology and operations. The information which is automatically created and tracked supports all levels of the software development team, from management to the individual software engineer. This satisfies one of the primary goals of a software development audit implementation. In support of your organization’s objectives, Roundtable’s software development management capability determines if your information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively and efficiently.

Software Development Audit

The purpose of a software development audit is to review and evaluate your organization’s system availability, confidentiality, and integrity. This critical component in any IT audit focuses on minimizing risks associated with the software development process; risks that are relevant to your information assets. Roundtable provides software development tools to reduce or mitigate these risks.