Software Configuration Management Process

What are the business requirements for your software configuration management process? A well conceived software configuration management plan answers this question. The challenge is introducing the management principals of control, audit-ability and status accounting in a way that engages development managers, software engineers, designers, and quality assurance staff in a cooperative effort. Defining the process is the critical initial step.

Software Configuration Management Plan

Relationships between software components in a complex system are not always obvious until the software configuration management process is underway. A successful software configuration management plan incorporates an iterative development process that includes rapid prototyping, joint-application-development sessions, and component-oriented systems construction. It enables the management of parallel processes and all aspects of this iterative development process. Roundtable enables you to define your process, including baselines, system components, and the development life cycle, with a high degree of concurrence between the development process, your management objectives, and the capabilities of the Roundtable software configuration management solution. Roundtable is at the center of a successful configuration management process.

Software Configuration Management Tool

One of the primary goals of any software configuration management plan is a clear definition of the requirements for software release management at all of its phases. The Roundtable configuration identification framework provides a basis for describing the arrangement of all system components related to the source code including specifications, documentation, documents for design, quality assurance and standards as well as test data suites and more.

As a software configuration management tool, Roundtable enables you to simplify, streamline and integrate the management of the software life cycle into the development environment during the complete process. It is tightly integrated with the development environment, providing developers with productivity tools, rather than burdens of management. Roundtable fills the needs of software, quality assurance and support engineering as well as the needs of management. Now, even business managers can play an active role in the software configuration management process.