Need for Overtime Management Software

Usually one of the largest single costs-of-operation, payroll often includes overtime as a significant component. Growing pressure for more efficient use of a company’s workforce points to the need to bring overtime scheduling into step with goals for greater efficiency.

Balancing conflicting requirements that overtime must satisfy presents management with a complex problem. On one side is production demand. On the other side are employee requests and preferences, seniority rights, job rights, legally mandated rest periods and sometimes credits for previous overtime volunteered, worked, refused or even combinations of these. Tools available to management for improvement here are limited. Overtime scheduling software offers a new solution to the management.

Overtime Scheduling Software
Tugboat’s overtime scheduling software automatically assigns workers to overtime both volunteer and forced (or drafted). The overtime scheduling software verifies the requirement for manning when schedules are generated and fills unassigned positions with overtime after all available employees are assigned to regular hours. Full-shift and/or split-shift overtime is enabled by the overtime management software. When automatically generating a workforce schedule, the overtime scheduling application grants or denies requests for overtime strictly according to the customer’s rules including any union rules that may be in place. This eliminates personal favoritism and pressure that might color decisions.

Tugboat’s overtime scheduling software solution includes the ability to fully automate overtime equalization, or balancing, using a system of credits along with tools for tracking overtime volunteered, assigned and refused. When making overtime job assignments, along with all other assignments, the overtime scheduling software generates an audit trail which records how each employee is treated at every step in the automated scheduling process. Sign-ups from employees are captured by using a self-service kiosk.

Tugboat’s automatic employee scheduling software assigns each employee to a task that is optimal, based on the overall business requirements of the facility, and does this consistently for every employee, every shift, every day. Consequently, the entire workforce is allocated efficiently and any unneeded overtime is eliminated. This points to significant savings in reduced overtime expense. Automating the entire process of overtime management provides additional benefits including streamlined processing, more impartial implementation of policies and rules, fewer errors and more timely and accurate record keeping.

Tugboat’s overtime scheduling software provides unique tools which fully automate the assignment of workers to overtime – both volunteer and forced. The overtime management software significantly reduces the workload for supervisors and managers while balancing requests from their employees and provides significant savings by eliminating unneeded overtime.

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