Optimize Your Labor Resources – Labor Schedule Optimizing Software Benefits

  • Tugboat’s labor scheduling software expedites the labor scheduling process making it faster, easier.
  • SOS consolidates labor scheduling operations for the entire plant.
  • Tugboat’s software for labor scheduling eliminates paper forms and spread sheets.
  • SOS Reduces the cost of operation, by:
    • Eliminating unneeded overtime.
    • Eliminating any overstaffing and over-training.
    • Speeding recovery due to last minute changes in production plans.
    • Eliminating any grievance due to scheduling.
  • Labor scheduling software also reduces labor scheduling staff and workload.
  • SOS Enables more efficient use of labor resources, through:
    • Fewer unassigned jobs
    • Less overtime assignments
    • When scheduling is very difficult, more jobs are assigned using regular staff.

Tugboat’s labor scheduling software utilizes workforce skills more efficiently by optimizing their assignments while meeting production or service demand.

Software for Labor Scheduling – Return on Investment

SOS labor scheduling software reduces that cost of operation by achieving specific goals.

  • Reduces the cost of scheduling altogether.
  • Eliminates unneeded overtime.
  • Eliminates overstaffing
  • Reduces over-training
  • Speeds recovery due to last minute changes in production plans or emergency recovery.
  • Eliminates grievance due to scheduling.
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Enables you to use your entire workforce more efficiently.

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