Are You Dealing With Complex Labor Scheduling Issues?

Manufacturing operations that utilize employees with multiple skills face complex labor scheduling decisions that have important implications for both cost and productivity. A labor scheduling software solution in such operations would be beneficial if it optimized job assignments when satisfying labor demand at the lowest cost needed to meet production requirements. The objective of Tugboat’s labor scheduling software solution is to achieve the lowest direct cost of labor by automatically assigning the minimum labor requirement across an immediate scheduling horizon for any number of jobs, shifts and days.

Traditional approaches to labor scheduling in manufacturing operations are inadequate in responding to demands for improved operating efficiency for the labor force and in handling the divers set of production objectives, scheduling rules and regulations and factory-floor uncertainties. Current practice is dominated by the unsystematic application of scheduling rules and policies and haphazard response to emergencies and last-minute changes. The full range of complexities and variables inherent in the task – including high-level production priorities mixed with complex personnel management, motivation and training requirements – highlight the conspicuous need for labor scheduling software developed specifically for the requirements of the manufacturing work place.

Tugboat’s Labor Scheduling Software Can Lower Your Overall Direct Cost of Labor!

Tugboat’s labor scheduling software optimizes the assignment of workers with multiple skills over a wide range of production demand cycles and includes specialized tools for emergency recovery thus driving down the cost of operations and enabling prompt response to production plan changes. For a production cycle with any given period of days, weeks or months, the end-to-end total cost of direct labor are reduced when compared with current practice. In cases with a manufacturing workforce of 400 or greater employees, projected savings due to eliminating labor waste are substantial.

In order to lower the overall direct cost of labor, Tugboat’s labor scheduling software utilizes existing labor resources in an optimal manner. In the domain of workforce management, Tugboat’s software for labor scheduling represents a major redirection of the application of computer automation to the manufacturing workforce.

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