Need for Employees Work Schedule

When manufacturing and service managers confront changing demand, reallocating their labor resources on short notice brings special challenges. In these operations, employees are expected to have multiple skills and are identified not only by their nominal job, but by the mix of skills they command or variety of jobs they can perform. Given a large workforce, reallocating labor resources or employee work scheduling presents management with a complex problem and real costs.

Imagine having to re-assign 200 to 2,000 employees, each with multiple skills, in a 24/7 operation. Add variable job start and end times, rotating shift or job patterns, overtime requirements, seniority rights, different classes of employees, multiple departments and crews, various absentee conditions along with vacations and requests for time off. Even a skilled employee work scheduler, if they can keep up at all, is unable to reallocate the workforce in an optimal manner. Resulting in chronic over or under manning and their related costs, this problem is difficult to predict, quantify and eliminate.

Employees Work Assignment Schedule
Using today’s database tools, a proprietary analysis process and an application developed expressly for employee work assignment scheduling in dynamic operations, Tugboat’s employee work schedule solution responds quickly and accurately to changing demand while automating the employee work assignment or re-assignment. Tugboat’s employee work schedule solution enables last-minute reassignment for a selection of, or the entire workforce. The employees work assignments scheduling solution also enables managers to “what if” future manning requirements. Given the available workforce and the mix of needed skills, each employee is automatically re-assigned to their optimal job based on the unique business rules of the operation. By responding quickly to changing demand though employee work schedule solution, significant savings are derived from predicting under manning and eliminating overmanning.

Modern organizations, whether in service and manufacturing, are now able to realign the employee work assignment schedule at will while driving down costs.

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