Employee Shift Scheduling Software

Today’s manufacturing managers, under increased pressure to achieve higher plant utilization, are employing innovative methods for optimizing the use of their workforce. Solutions include: rotating days off, rotating workers from day to night to afternoon shifts using a pattern of days and weeks, combining 8-hour, 10-hour, and 12-hour shifts for different crews or departments; rotating job assignments, and various combinations of all of these.

As these staffing systems are more widely used, the process of employee shift scheduling becomes ever more complex. Simply predicting who is available, who is in transition from one cycle to the next, and who is on vacation requires more than spread sheets. This points to the need for employee shift scheduling software that is designed for these unique challenges.

Employee Shift Scheduling Software from Tugboat

Tugboat has developed comprehensive tools for defining and managing rotation patterns, for crews, shifts and jobs. These tools are tightly integrated with Tugboat’s core automated workforce scheduling shift software solution which includes overtime scheduling, absentee tracking, training and vacation scheduling.

In industries where it is more efficient to maintain operations 24X7, assigning workers to the same start and end for their work day, usually either morning, afternoon, or night shift, is becoming less common. Where these methods are employed, particularly with a large workforce, the human scheduler is challenged to manage the employee scheduling process consistently and fairly, if they can keep up at all. The number of variables is just too great. This employee shift scheduling process is now easily managed using Tugboat’s employee shift scheduling software solution which automates employee shift scheduling in a completely predictable manner.

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