Employee Scheduling Software

Fully automate the process of creating and managing your employee schedules with SOS Schedule Optimizing Software.

Tugboat Software approaches workforce scheduling from the needs of your operation: given a production demand, and specific skills, what is the best way to fill this demand for a certain shift and/or day? Using optimization within the bounds and constraints of the work rules, policies, and employee preferences while also minimizing any unnecessary overtime, SOS makes the best match possible of skilled employees to jobs. Our employee scheduling system manages the multiple tasks of creating the workforce schedule down to the specific job level that best serves the production requirements of your operation as a whole. Schedule Optimizing Software (SOS) is engineered to schedule down to the ‘last man’- not just 90%.

Automate Employee Scheduling with SOS

SOS automatically assigns the manning of large production and service operations and resolves the optimum allocation of employee resources. Tugboat’s employee scheduling software schedules the entire workforce right down to the last job assignment according to the business rules and work rules that are unique to each facility. Using a rules-based engine, along with a proprietary mathematical algorithm, Schedule Optimizing Software (SOS) resolves overlapping and conflicting assignments and generates workforce schedules quickly and easily. Tugboat’s employee schedule software accommodates frequent last minute changes and is ideal for a variety of industries such as manufacturing where:

  • Employees have multiple skills.
  • Job assignments are determined by rules governing seniority, overtime allocation, vacation and time-off requests, training requirements or skills currency, preferences for jobs and shifts as well as any other variable production conditions.

A Resource for Management – Employee Scheduling Software

Rather than an overhead cost, SOS converts employee scheduling into a resource for production management as well as for the human resources office. With SOS, employee scheduling also becomes a service to the entire workforce. Benefits of SOS employee scheduling software:

  • Simplifies & speeds up the process of revising & updating schedules.
  • Eliminates the use of paper forms and spread sheets.
  • Enables you to access the cost effectiveness of schedules.
  • Enables you to optimize your labor resources and get the most value from their skills while meeting production demand.
  • Consolidates employee scheduling into a centralized operation.

Employee Scheduling for Manufacturing

SOS is particularly an effective employee scheduling software for manufacturing, processing and technical services operations that include:

  • Just-in-Time operation.
  • 24-by-7 operations with multiple shifts, rotating shifts, split shifts, crews, teams as well as combinations of these.

Production lines that are reconfigured to accommodate changes in:

  • Product runs
  • Seasonal demand
  • Customer demand
  • Emergency recovery
  • Conflict between requests for time off with the need for overtime
  • Union representation

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