Tugboat Software is Staying Ahead of the Field with Cutting-Edge Employee Scheduling Software

Fully automate the process of creating and managing your employee schedules with SOS Schedule Optimizing Software.

For organizations within the manufacturing sector, ensuring that all job assignments are optimized so that workers with a particular skill set are in the correct position is one of the leading priorities. That’s why companies around the globe are now embarking on a proactive search for employee scheduling software that will automate the schedule creation process for management, reducing their workload and allowing them to focus on operational issues that will keep the company at its strongest, now and in the longer term.

He adquartered in Newport Beach, CA, Tugboat Software has become a renowned software provider offering innovative solutions to clients across the manufacturing field. The company is a supplier of software and services that simplify the, , integration and management of business applications, offering their outstanding solutions via the Progress Open Edge® platform that includes the industry’s leading embedded database management system. Tugboat is able to deliver low-cost-of-ownership applications that are ready to be implemented and are easily linked to existing legacy applications.

The company’s premiere offering is their SOS (Schedule Optimizing Software) platform, which includes a tightly integrated suite of modules designed to completely automate the entire process of creating and managing employee schedules. It comes with a broad range of tools designed to centralize and streamline all related in-house process and reduce the workload for front-line management and HR representatives.

Also, Tugboat’s employee scheduling software automatically alerts employees to absenteeism by displaying their absence history via the employee interface. One of the ways in which this outstanding software platform is empowering employees is by providing them with a complete absentee history by date and reason via the self-service portal that employees can access at any time even over the Internet. Another time-consuming part of a manufacturing manager’s day-to-day job is managing employee vacation.. Tugboat’s SOS platform automates this entire process by awarding, scheduling and tracking employee vacations, enabling management to focus on other areas of the business. This outstanding solution from Tugboat will award vacations to employees based on the company’s in-house vacation eligibility and entitlement policies. And the program can award vacations in increments of weeks, days, even via blocks of hours for employees that require a half-day absence to recharge their batteries.

The vacation schedule solution within Tugboat’s employee scheduling software can handle requests from employees through a self-service portal. This empowers the employee to make individual decisions and shows them that everyone within the organization is treated equally and according to the rules, thus improving levels of talent retention within the organization.

Take your scheduling requirements to the specialists at Tugboat Software, and learn more about a solution that has been developed to provide optimized workforce scheduling for organizations around the globe.

About Tugboat Software:

Tugboat Software is a software developer specializing in labor planning and employee scheduling software. Tugboat’s Schedule Optimizing Software automates your labor planning and will put the right person in the right role at the right time. For more information, please visit www.tugboatsoftware.com.