Configuration Management Software

Roundtable’s configuration management system identifies and defines software development objects, controls changes to software objects at each stage, records and reports the status of objects and verifies the completeness and correctness of procedures. Taken altogether, these features satisfy the fundamental objective of configuration management which is to establish and maintain the integrity and control of all aspects of the software application development process throughout the complete project life cycle.

In simple terms, configuration management software must satisfy four primary requirements:

  • Configuration Identification – ensures you have identified a relative arrangement of software application resources.
  • Configuration Control – defines who can make changes and at what point in the software development lifecycle those changes can be made.
  • Configuration Auditing – the process of confirming all system components that should be in a given baseline are in the baseline.
  • Configuration Status Accounting – ensures that a complete record of changes made to a software system and the reasons for those changes are available.

Configuration Management Tools

Roundtable’s configuration management tools provide identification with an integrated authoring environment and with tools for version control, task management, “base-lining” and unique release control features. Management is enabled with Roundtable’s tools for auditing, release control and deployment management.

With Roundtable’s information technology management, users navigate procedures, database schema, graphics, data files, and documentation – virtually anything that makes up your application. View object version history, call trees, where-used information, and objects in tasks. See descriptions, current states, attributes, version notes, and change information for each object – all from within the OpenEdge development environment.

Altogether, Roundtable’s configuration management tools automate the process through which software is developed, and made available to its users.

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