Change Management Software

Change Management Software

Change management is the process of requesting, planning, implementing and evaluating changes to a software application. It has two main goals: supporting the processing of changes and enabling their traceability. Roundtable’s change management software ensures that standardized change management tools and change management policies are used. This enables efficient and prompt handling of changes along with accurate recording of changes at all stages throughout the process. Users can instantly see what has changed, who changed it, why it has changed, and what is impacted by a change with Roundtable’s change management software. Roundtable ensures that what gets changed gets tested, and what gets tested is what the end users will receive. Change management tools provided by Roundtable give engineers and managers immediate response to change requests. These change management tools automate the promotion of changes throughout the development life cycle and keep project information at the fingertips of both managers and engineers, all while operating from within the development environment. Using Roundtable’s standardized change management model ensures that methods, processes and procedures are repeatable and can be monitored. Standards used for change management program are enforced and this facilitates efficient and prompt handling of all changes while maintaining the proper balance between the need for change and the detrimental impact potentially triggered by change.

Change Management Tools & Program
Roundtable’s extensive support for identifying concurrent changes to software components that are being worked on in different workspaces enables change database field management. Beyond change management found in typical SCM systems, Roundtable automates the process of version merging at the system configuration level. This allows development to occur in two or more workspaces concurrently along with the appropriate level of control and visibility.

Providing a complete framework for change management consulting, Roundtable tracks customizations or variants and makes it easy to know what has been changed for a customer and when changes to the core application must be merged into any variants.

Change Management and Risk Assessment
Change management risk assessment is essential for legal accountability, backup and disaster recovery. Roundtable’s tools and methodology ensure that adequate security levels and audit trails are in place. Roundtable helps to meet these demands by providing the assurance that a software project is on track and building what is actually required,. Additionally, Roundtable’s impact analysis features help to identify the impact of change management policy on an application, and roll-back capabilities allow for quick recovery from detrimental changes.

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